Master Post: Tim Burton



Alice in Wonderland | 2010 |

The ship Alice is seen stood on the deck of in the final image of the film is named “Wonder”. This is a reference to the “Wonder” ship of the Disney Cruise Line, as well as to the title of the film.


Batman | 1989 |

The final image of this film is a good example of how darkly the film was shot. Audiences in cinemas complained because the screen was so dark in some places that it was near impossible to see what was happening.


Batman Returns | 1992 |

The final image of Catwoman looking out over Gotham was added as an afterthought, with a body double playing Michelle Pfeiffer’s role. The single shot cost $250,000.


Beetlejuice | 1988 |

The idea of calypso music as part of the soundtrack was thought up by Jeffrey Jones and Catherine O’Hara.


Big Fish | 2003 |

The final image of the fish jumping out of the lake reflects the elements of truth in the stories of the protagonist. It also follows the opening shots of the film, which are of the same fish, described as “uncatchable” by the film’s characters. 


Ed Wood | 1994 |

The muted lines from the final image of the epilogue were also the closing remarks from “Plan 9 From Outer Space” - a real Ed Wood film.


Edward Scissorhands | 1990 |

This final image reveals to the audience that the elderly woman telling the story of snow to her granddaughter is the character of Kim. The close-up shot, combined with the fantastical soundtrack, give this last image a fairy-tale-esque feeling and could suggest the character’s nostalgia for the events of the narrative.


Frankenweenie | 2012 |

The final image may be symbolic of everything coming back together after the chaos presented earlier in the film. References to myths and films are made in the dog Persephone, as she is named after the wife of Hades (lord of the dead in Greek mythology) and her hair is styled after the Bride of Frankenstein.


Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure | 1985 |

This final image presents to the audience a sense of a resolution; this is both through the apparently happy ending being shown on the screen and the silhouette of the film’s protagonist, reunited with his bike, riding through the screen.